These 6 Easy Steps Will Ensure Safe Journey on Motorcycle

By myautoreviewer Fri, 29 Nov 2019
These 6 Easy Steps Will Ensure Safe Journey on Motorcycle

These 6 Easy Steps Will Ensure Safe Journey on Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is the most thrilling activity when you are going on a long drive during winter. The chilling breeze and empty roads are the two most important factors responsible to give riders an adrenaline rush. But there are some obstructions that people generally face while driving in winter. With the season comes salt and ice on streets that can damage tires of your motorbike and also create cracks in them. Such problems can attract fatal accidents too.

To dodge such misfortunes, it is advisable to take certain measures before you leave for a long drive.

Wear Precise Motorcycle Gear

The key to comfortable motorcycle riding starts from the way you kit up for the ride. It is all about layering. Base layers offered by the motorcycle apparel companies are a must. Sweating while driving is very common especially when you have that adrenaline rush pumping up your body. The base layers allow our skin to breath during such times by soaking all the moisture. This basically helps sweat evaporate rather than turning to cold perspiration on the body.

These 6 Easy Steps Will Ensure Safe Journey on Motorcycle

Next is the outer gear. The best way to select a perfect motorcycle gear is to ensure that it is waterproof and has enough space for you to take in deep breaths when needed. While driving in winter, the fog in the environment converts into dewdrops on normal clothes which can be harmful. Along with that, it is important that you must wear gloves while going on a drive.

Proper Motorcycle Prep is Important

During winter, motorcycle riding can be frustrating when you do not pay attention to your ride. When your ride is water-cooled, you have to take special care of it as it may not function properly. Also, you have to ensure that the antifreeze in your ride is fresh before you leave for the trip. Equipping your ride with huge windscreen and handguards (for cruiser motorcycles) is necessary as well as it will be helpful in your journey.

Cold Tires can be Hazardous

These 6 Easy Steps Will Ensure Safe Journey on Motorcycle

It is understandable that with cold weather, the problem of cold tires will arrive. The biggest problem with cold tires is that they equate to limited traction. Long rides increase heat in the tire but even the briefest stop can cool them down again. So, how should you heat the tires before riding again? The best way is to perform a burnout while accelerating and decelerating the ride. Another important measure to take is to ensure you have adequate tread on the tires for winter riding.

Watch for Salt, Cracks due to Plows and Ice

As mentioned earlier, the salt and ice found on the roads during winter can be dangerous while riding a motorcycle and so it is important that you must keep a check on them while riding your motorcycle. Moreover, you must also dodge fresh cracks as much as you can. These elements are the major enemy of traction and they can do some serious damage if you run through them at high speed.

Motorcycle-Specific Towing Number is Important

Before leaving for the road trip, it is always good to arrange a number of motorcycle towing services just in case your ride faces a malfunction. While riding on highways during winter, it is common for a motorcycle to break down either due to cold or some technical error. If such a thing happens in the daylight, it is completely okay but if it happens during the night, it can be a problem.

If Snow Starts Falling, Take shelter

The last point on the list is all about common sense. If the snow starts to fall and you are outside riding your motorcycle, please just get home, and come out to play on another sunny day.

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