BMW i4 Is Way More Than You Imagine

By Ayantika Halder Tue, 26 Nov 2019
BMW i4 Is Way More Than You Imagine

BMW i4 Is Way More Than You Imagine

After BMW shared its electric mobility plan with the world, we now know that a bunch of cars will be hitting the roads with the company’s new powertrain. Changing the characteristics of the brand to that of electric cars will be a big task for the company, but BMW has confirmed that the main intention of developing the i4 was to ascertain its sporty design, driving dynamics, and spaciousness that are seen in cars like the 4 Series convertible, Gran Coupe and even the 3 Series.

The company has confirmed that the BMW i4 will get the fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology. The BMW iX3 will be the first car to get this technology, followed by the iNEXT and then, of course, the i4. With this new powertrain, the BMW i4 will be able to travel for 600 km on a single charge. The development of the BMW i4 is part of a comprehensive product offensive produced by the BMW Group in the field of models with an electrified drive. By 2023, BMW Group promised to have 25 models with electrified drive in its program.

When details are concerned, BMW confirmed that there have been developments made in the electric motor, power electronics, charging unit and high-voltage battery. The electric motor developed for the BMW i4 offers a maximum output of around 530 bhp reaching the level of a V8 engine in current BMW models fitted with a combustion engine.

The fifth generation of BMW eDrive also features a newly designed high-voltage battery that delivers the latest battery cell technology. The design of the high-voltage battery developed for the BMW i4 is concentrated on flat design and optimized energy density. With a weight of some 550 kilograms and also has an energy content of around 80 kWh.

The production of BMW i4 will start in 2021 and will be launched at global platforms. The new model will be manufactured at the company’s main plant in Munich. An extraordinary feature of BMW i4 is its impressive performance able to spring from 0-100 kmph in around 4 seconds while top speed is rated at 200 kmph.

The next generation charging unit is characterized by a uniform package suitable for all future vehicle architectures. It can be used in plug-in hybrid models and also in purely electrically powered vehicles which are designed for a charging capacity of up to 150 kW. This allows the high-voltage battery of the BMW i4 to be charged to around 80 percent of its full energy content in around 35 minutes. This results in a charging time of around six minutes for a range of 100 kilometers


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