VECVL Electric Buses Successfully Complete a Year of Operations in Kolkata

By Sarthak Moghe Tue, 9 Jul 2019
VECVL Electric Buses Successfully Complete a Year of Operations in Kolkata

VECVL Electric Buses Successfully Complete a Year of Operations in Kolkata

VECVL, the industry leader in commercial transportation in India, completed a successful run of its 100% electric buses in Kolkata. The Eicher Skyline Pro Buses have been deployed with West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation (WBHIDCO) and have successfully served over 1.6 lakh kms,safely moving 1.3 lakh happy travelers till date.

Eicher Skyline Pro deployed 3 E buses with WBHIDCO in May 2018. These buses have been operating seven days a week, covering 140kms per day. These buses cover the New Town Area and connect various corners of the neighborhood till New Town Kolkata Development Authority Bus Terminus.

These buses are the most advanced in safety, comfort, efficiency and are powered by REVOLO Technology. This is an innovative platform that operates on lower voltage and allows regeneration to have the maximum possible range with the smallest battery.

On the event, B Srinivas, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Buses, VE Commercial Vehicles, expressed his views saying, “The country is at the cusp of a new revolution in transportation and is moving swiftly towards electromobility. Our deployment for public transport at Kolkata and its successful journey is a testimony of our strong resolve towards environment-friendly mobility solutions. Together with the support infrastructure, we have been able to achieve great results with WBHIDCO.”

He further added, “The shift to electric vehicle technology will open many avenues for the economy. The new developments with the second phase of the FAME Scheme are further incentivizing the move towards Electromobility, with a view towards achieving the country’s 2030 EV Vision. We, too, are aligned with the government and are working towards meeting India’s mobility needs via the electric platform. VECV believes that such projects will accelerate the progress in India through adaptive mobility solutions and standard-led globally proven technology. The shift to alternative fuel technology will also bring positive implications across environment, social and economic parameters in the long run.”

EICHER has been the industry of commercial vehicles for a long time now. With a successful run of electric buses, it has just stated why the company belongs in the A-segment of the automobile industry.

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