Is Toyota Trying To Make A Car Run Forever?

By myautoreviewer Tue, 17 Sep 2019
Is Toyota Trying To Make A Car Run Forever?

Is Toyota Trying To Make A Car Run Forever?

Believe it or not, if Toyota’s audacious motivation of running a car forever comes out to be successful, the “Land of Rising Sun” will witness a massive stroke of fortune. The latest news of Toyota states that the distinguished Japanese carmaker is putting all its efforts to make the car run forever. 


But how does this work? The amalgamation of the best solar panels, powerful batteries and decades of expertise can make it possible to find effective means to make the car run forever. It is worthwhile to know that various organizations have joined hands to test the Toyota Prius to revolutionize the concept of running the car forever. The organizations working towards this dream are Toyota Motor Corp and New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization of Japan known as NEDO. 


It is significant to note that in the time when the concept of Electric Vehicles (EVs) are ruling the market, the leading automotive brand has stepped forward to work on the next-generation solar car. An important piece of news shared by Koji Makino, the project manager at Toyota was that while standard electric cars can run for long-distance, Toyota’s futuristic solar car is independent of charging facilities. What truly makes the project ‘one of a kind’ is that such technological innovation is not to be seen in the next few decades. 


After this information was shared on online portals, media outlets mentioned that even if electric cars outstrip the petroleum-powered vehicles in sales, it is mandatory to be plugged in which denotes the need to build a network of charging stations across the globe. When this solar energy is paired up with enough battery capacity to trigger automobiles at night, the solar-powered cars can bounce the new-energy technologies being developed from the plug-in hybrids to hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles. 


At this time, when Toyota is giving a lot of importance to solar power, a competitor like Volkswagen is investing a huge amount on electric vehicles and cars that are powered by hydrogen. The best part about this initiative is that if the car runs for four days for not more than 50 kilometers a day, there is no need to plug it into the power outlet. If this solar-powered Prius can be made successful, it has the potential to compete with well-established manufacturers like Hyundai and Karma Automative and Lightyear. Let’s hope for the best!

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