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Why is Lamborghini Sian’s Super-Capacitor Hybrid System Special?

By Sarthak Moghe Wed, 25 Sep 2019
Why is Lamborghini Sian’s Super-Capacitor Hybrid System Special?

Why is Lamborghini Sian’s Super-Capacitor Hybrid System Special?

Italian automaker Lamborghini unveiled Sian recently at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Sian that translates to flash of lightning in the Bolognese dialect, has taken the concept of hybrid cars to a whole new level. But, what is so special in this car? How come the usage of super-capacitor taken the performance level of Sian to a completely new level?

Today, we will go into the depths of the super-capacitor and explore how it resulted in enhancement of performance for the upcoming supercar of Lamborghini.

A hybrid car uses a lithium-ion battery pack to store energy and then transfers an electrical current to a motor when required. It is the same technology that helped the Toyota Prius in improving the gas mileage successfully.

Why is Lamborghini Sian’s Super-Capacitor Hybrid System Special?

In Lamborghini Sian – “The Fastest Hybrid Car of All Time“, the super-capacitor offers three times the power of the battery pack while storing and discharging energy much quicker. But what is more special, is that the power used can be fully regenerated during normal braking.

This technology is very useful while cornering as when the rider applies brakes, it replenishes all the energy spent. So, when the corner completes, you have all the power ready for acceleration.

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Being implemented in a supercar like Lamborghini, the super-capacitor doesn’t have to cool down which makes it ready to go at all times.

Lamborghini Sian uses a 48-volt motor which adds the output of 34hp that concludes to a massive power of 819hp through a V12 engine. The addition of 34hp adds to the performance of the vehicle allowing it to complete the 0-100 sprint in just 2.8 seconds.

Along with this, there are several other benefits of the electric motor. It reduces the torque hits of the gear shifting equipping the vehicle with all the required momentum during the shifts while reducing the jerks that the drivers feel.

This function gives additional traction to the vehicle. The tires in the Lamborghini Sian are not designed for handling torque hits which means the contact patches feel less pressure giving better grip and speed to the vehicle.

As per Lamborghini’s CTO, Maurizio Reggiani, the traction increase between first to fifth gear is 10% and between sixth and seventh gear it reaches up to 20%. Currently, Sian hybrid is limited to 63 vehicles which make this vehicle even more special.


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