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This Winter, Gift Your Ride These Warming Gadgets & Improve Your Driving Experience

By Sarthak Moghe Tue, 12 Nov 2019
This Winter, Gift Your Ride These Warming Gadgets & Improve Your Driving Experience

This Winter, Gift Your Ride These Warming Gadgets & Improve Your Driving Experience

Winter chills have already hit the country and during such weather long drive in your ride is the best experience. Driving a car during winter is a big challenge as it requires a lot of concentration to drive through the fog and on slick roads. Moreover, the chances of vehicle getting mangled also increase during winter. To protect the vehicle from outside, you can just take care of your ride with 7 simple tips. But taking care of the car from outside is not the only precaution that will ensure your safe tours. Luckily, with the right set of accessories, you can drive your vehicle in a much-relaxed manner. In this article, we have brought you a list of accessories that will help you throughout the winter.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover

The first and foremost accessory that you must get is the heated cover for your steering wheel. They are easily available and you can also make a selection from a variety of sizes and colors. Sometimes riders prefer warm gloves but heated covers give you the liberty to drive barehanded and it will also eliminate the need to carry extra items.

Seat Covers

Comfort is the key to every successful ride and during winters if the seats of the vehicle stay cold, the chances of riding experience getting spoiled. While looking for car winter gadgets, you must look for heated seat covers so that you don’t have to prepare yourself for chill seats before entering your vehicle.

Engine Block Heater

It is not easy to start a car during winters as it is during summers. If your engine takes a longer time to warm up, it will create a lot of problems this winter. Engine block heater provides a boost to the engine of the vehicle and minimizes the time for hot air to be pumped into the car. The engine block heater will start the car engine by warming the coolant which makes it an effective choice and also reduces the risk of losing heat through the radiator.

Emergency Kit

Another important accessory during winter is the emergency kit. During bad weather, you never know what can go wrong. So, it is imperative to keep an emergency kit in your vehicle. Emergency kits are easily available in the market and they include all the necessities such as:-

  • Paper Towels
  • Flares
  • Hand Tools such as pliers and hammer
  • Booster Cables
  • Shovel
  • Phone
  • Pair of Gloves
  • Flashlight
  • Safety Jacket

So this weather, be prepared with all the necessary accessories in your car and beat the chill in a comfortable and warmer manner.


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