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Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

By Sarthak Moghe Thu, 26 Sep 2019
Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Electric vehicles have always been considered a cheaper and safer mode of commute in several countries. With the introduction of BS-VI norms, the concept of Electric Bikes in India has also started catching up. Brands across the world have contributed their models to the Indian automobile market, creating a pile of options for Indian consumers.

Today, we are sharing the list of Top 10 Electric Bikes in India that are powerful, stylish and perfect partners for your daily commute. Electric vehicles in india are the future of the transportation medium.

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Here is the list of Best Electric bikes in India 2019:

  • Yo Xplor

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

This 250W motor powered bike uses a 33Ah VRLA battery generating enough power to run 70km on a single charge. It comes equipped with a multi-reflector headlamp and a telescopic suspension on the front. It takes about six to eight hours to completely charge the battery of this bike. With a maximum speed of 25km/h, this bike comes with Pay Load Capacity of 75Kg and 86Kg. This bike is available in four colour options – White, Black, Blue, and Red. If you want to take it home, you just need to spend Rs. 38,978.

  • Ather 450

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Ather 450 is a stylish scooter that has been designed by Bangalore based start-up, Ather Energy. This electric scooter, launched last year in India sports a lithium-ion battery and is coupled with fast charging technology. It churns out 5.4kW power with 20.5Nm of torque making the scooter complete the 0-80kmph sprint in just 3.9 seconds. It has a driving range of 75km and batteries installed in this scooter have a lifespan of 50,000km. Ather 450 is also equipped with a 7-inch Android-powered touchscreen, push navigation system, parking assistant, smartphone connectivity and much more. This scooter carries a price tag of Rs. 1,22,647 and with such a big list of features, it is a fair deal.

  • Hero Electric Optima Plus

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

This electric scooter from the Hero Motocorp is a perfect example of a sweet and silent commute medium. With a 250W electric motor that covers 70km in a single charge, Hero Electric Optima Plus can tackle all the tasks that you throw at it. One does not require a driving license or registration to utilize this electric scooter on the road. With a battery charging time of five to seven hours, this scooter saves a lot of time and you can lay your hands on it for just Rs. 42,190.

  • Avon E Scoot

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Avon E Scoot is a hybrid scooter with an engine displacement of 100cc and a fuel economy of 65km on a full charge. It sports an electric motor of 250W and battery capacity of 48 V and 20 Ah. With an automatic gearbox and self-start mechanism, this scooter is equipped with all the features to bear the load you put on it. It requires six to eight hours for the battery to completely charge and if you like power and speed in an electric vehicle, this scooter is available just for Rs. 41, 554.

  • Revolt RV 400 AI motorcycle

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Revolt RV 400 AI motorcycle

The Revolt RV 400 motorcycle comes with an ARAI certified range of 156km and is powered by the Revolt App available both on Android and iOS. It is the first motorcycle in India that is powered by AI technology. This Bike is rated as the best electric bikes in India in 2019. Revolt 400 comes with a 15 W charger and has the facility of battery swapping that saves a lot of time. Revolt 400 comes with location access, fault detection, real-time battery display, and anti-theft protection. It comes with two different price options – Rs. 3499/month for the base price and Rs. 3,999/month for the premium variant.

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  • Hero Electric Nyx E5

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Hero Electric Nyx E5

The Nyx E5 electric scooter belongs in the high-speed EV line offered by the company. With a peak speed of 40kmph and a range of 50km, this scooter is powerful enough to satisfy all your commute needs. It sports a BLDC Hub Motor rated at 600W/1200W and contains a 48V/28Ah lithium-ion battery which charges completely in just four hours. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 65,990 which is a fair deal when you get a Pep Switch, integrated Bottle Holder, Telescopic Suspension, Grab Rail, Foldable seat, and an Extended Footboard.

  • Okinawa i-Praise

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

The i-Praise from Okinawa comes with a range of 160-180km and a charging time of two to three hours. It comes equipped with a Geo-fencing feature that alerts the user once the bike goes beyond a 10 km range to secure its safety. This scooter uses a 5A power socket for the battery and sports features like Battery Health Tracker, SoS notifications, Continuous driving behavior monitoring, trip information, and GPS. The scooter is stylish and gets an aggressive look from the front and if you like a heavy-looking electronic scooter, Okinawa i-Praise is available for Rs. 1,23,000.

  • PURE EV Portable Etrance

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

PURE EV Portable is another premium electric scooter that offers a comfortable ride experience. With the smart design, this scooter gives you a safe and unique ride experience even in the traffic and long thrill rides. With a 1KWh portable battery and 60Nm of peak torque, this scooter also gets a range of 70km and with its powerful body it can load up to 120Kg without breaking a sweat. PURE EV Portable Etrance equips a wide LCD screen with LED indicators, comfortable stylish and durable saddle, and Dual Suspension in front and at the back. All of this in such a compact scooter and it can be purchased for just Rs. 51,999.

  • Avan Motors Xero Plus

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Avan Motors designed Xero Plus comes with a range of 60Km on a single charge and 110Km with double batteries. It takes about two to four hours for this bike to be completely charged and it can reach up to a top speed of 45kmph. Xero Plus comes equipped with Disc brakes, Utility box, Safety Stand, 800 W electric motor and dual lithium-ion batteries. It is a great mode of transport with some power stacked up inside and you can put your hands on this scooter for just Rs. 50,729.

  • Hero Photon 48V

Top 10 Electric Bikes in India 2019

Hero Photon 48V belongs among some of the most expensive electric scooters that offer a top speed of 45kmph. It comes with Dual-mode drives – power mode that offers 80km range and Economy mode that offers 110km range. Hero photon 48V scooters have lithium-ion battery fitted inside requires four hours to get completely charged and to get hands-on this stylish scooter, you just need to spend Rs. 98,990.

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