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BMW Concept 4 is All About its Massive Grille and Distinguished Features

By myautoreviewer Mon, 16 Sep 2019
BMW Concept 4 is All About its Massive Grille and Distinguished Features

BMW Concept 4 is All About its Massive Grille and Distinguished Features

While BMW has garnered adulation from automotive enthusiasts with its innovative designs and iconic features, it has further raised expectations by debuting Concept 4 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Concept 4 sends a message to the world about the new 4-series coupe, which is on its way and will look similar to this. The most exceptional feature of Concept 4 is that it has a vertical-oriented colossal grille that is a delight to the eyes, with correct proportion and gorgeous sleek design. BMW specialists opine that this magnificent grille was inspired by the 1930’s 328 coupes


What grabs the attention of the millions of people are the eye-catching features like the laser headlights, the remarkable lower bumper design and not to forget the kidney grille. There is a presence of a U-shaped intake that encompasses the grill. The slim and sleek LED lights without the glass cover are like a cherry on the cake. On top of this, the polished and simplistic mirrors are placed on the weatherstrips instead of door panels. One cannot deny that the Concept 4 Series has similar features to that of the 8 series in its profile. What makes this series different from the rest is the elongated wheelbase featuring short overhangs and the two character lines placed much lower than what is usually noticed on a BMW.


BMW Concept 4 is All About its Massive Grille and Distinguished Features

Talking about the new features of Concept 4, BMW Design’s Stefan Woerns remarked that their intention to develop Concept 4 was to provide a new character to the car and make it more exclusive so that it can keep an edge in the competitive market. He further elaborated, “The Concept 4 is different from the BMW 3 Series and unique to the 4 Series.” 


While BMW has still not unveiled the secret of actual propulsion, it has never failed to provide adequate information about its engine tech. This is evident in its 21-inch wheel that sports a 3D effect alloy rim and a wing mirror, which is formed from a single chunk of aluminum. A thickset diffuser is present at the rear with twin exhausts as well as rear bumper. The L-shaped tail lamps are a common attribute of BMW, but to bring a twist, Concept 4 has infused a ‘heartbeat design’. Even though not every detail of the car has been revealed at Frankfurt, the disguised prototypes of 4 Series are experimenting testing on various international roads and are expected to use the current CLAR platform that supports rear along with the four-wheel drive. 


While BMW has still not spilled the secret of every technical description of Concept 4, it is expected to give a tough competition to the Audi A5 Coupe with its emotional and dynamic design and outstanding performance. 

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